The “Potty Training Wonder Watch”

The “Potty Training Wonder Watch”

Media Mom, a blogger for Bright Horizons, hailed the WobL Watch as the “Potty Training Wonder Watch.”  Her daughter began using the watch when she began to experience potty training issues upon returning to school after the summer holiday.

After a visit with a pediatric urologist, Media Mom’s daughter was given medicine for a spasmodic bladder and was also directed to the WobL Watch.  Media Mom also noted that the watch was helpful for much more than just potty training. The watch could also help children needing to take medicine many times a day or those who are hearing impaired. 

“It’s genius — largely because my daughter just does it.”

You can be program up to eight alarms on The WobL Watch each day. The watch can also vibrate, sound, or both depend on the child’s needs and the situation. The vibrating capability allows for a discrete, subtle reminder. 

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