Repeating Countdown Timer

Need to be reminded periodically? Set the WobL or WobL+ watch to remind you every 1 minute to 24 hours!

Vibrating Alarms

Need a reminder without interrupting everyone else? The vibrate setting is perfect for your discreet reminder!

Audible Alarms

Do you also want an audible alarm to remind you? WobL watches can be set to audible only, vibrate only, OR both!

Latest News

Welcome to WobL Watch! Read on to learn all that this fantastic reminder watch can do for you!

T.V. show The Doctors featured and recommended WobL watch on an episode

The Doctors – Potty Training Watch

The Doctors featured the potty training WobL Watch and discussed the struggles some parents have in getting children to use the potty.  These struggles typically come from children simply not remembering to[…]

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WobL Watch Main Image showing both styles and all 8 colors

WobL+ Watch: Finally, a Waterproof WobL Watch!

The WobL+ Watch! Still as great as the original WobL vibrating alarm reminder countdown timer watch but with some new, exciting features!   WobL+ Watch – the smallest vibrating alarm reminder[…]

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Pink WobL watch on young child's wrist

How To Set WobL Watch Video

WobL Watch Instructions | Video Setting Your WobL Vibrating Alarm Reminder Watch Your WobL watch has many useful features that you control through the four buttons around the face, including[…]

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