WobL Alarm Watch Features

How will you use your WobL Alarm Watch today?

WobL watch, the original vibrating alarm watch, comes in blue, purple, pink, and black.

WobL Alarm Watch is your best choice for important daily reminders! The smallest vibrating alarm watch in the world, it is easy to set and offers 8 independent alarms. The repeating countdown timer alarm lets you schedule notifications at recurring intervals during a set time window of your choosing. You select whether to have an audible alarm, vibration alert, or both.


  • 8 Individually-set alarmsDaughter and granddaughter with mother in wheelchair
  • Vibrate, audible alarm, or both
  • Countdown timer for set intervals throughout the day (from 15 minutes to 24 hours) that auto-resets
  • Vibrate setting¬†allows for discreet prompts
  • Stopwatch for exact timing
  • Lock feature prevents accidental changes
  • 3 ATM Water Resistant; withstands accidental splashing; NOT WATERPROOF – do not use when bathing or swimming
  • Interchangeable bands with silicone model
  • Replaceable battery
  • 6 Month Warranty

People of all ages and many different needs use the WobL watch for reminders that make daily life so much easier: for timed medications, consistent bathroom breaks, business meeting and appointment reminders, potty training, and more. Teachers appreciate having an extra “helper” in the classroom for children who need those bathroom reminders. Caregivers can be reminded about significant timed events, day and night.

The watch is a great help to those living with such conditions as diabetes or kidney disease, ADHD/ADD, Autism, and the deaf or hearing impaired. WobL is a popular choice for helping children enjoy playtime or stay on task while not forgetting important bathroom breaks!

WobL watch in purple with photo of young girl on a swing; text "WobL Watch, World's Smallest Reminder Watch"

WobL Alarm Watch is great for a variety of needs!

  • Help for those with disabilities: stay on track with learning and daily schedules.¬†
  • Help for diabetics: reminders to eat a healthy snack or check blood sugar levels.
  • Activity and exercise: establish and maintain a healthy routine and good habits.
  • Stay on task: be consistent and timely with important activities and projects.
  • Potty training: your child can be actively involved in many activities while receiving consistent potty reminders throughout the day.

WobL Watch, blue, is rich in features and useful to all ages.

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