WobL & WobL+ Watch Comparison

WobL Watch Main Image showing both styles and all 8 colors

Choose the best features for your needs!

Compare WobL+ and WobL watch features.
How will you use your WobL Watch today? 

WobL watches are useful for so many needs:

  • Set individual alarms (up to 9) to remind you to take medications or check your blood sugar levels throughout the day or night.
  • Set an alarm so you’ll be on time for the meeting or that after-work event – or to remind you to take the brownies out of the oven.
  • Use the vibrate setting so others are not disturbed by your alerts.
  • Use the audible or vibration alarm to help visually-impaired users wake in the morning or stay on task and on time throughout the day. Original WobL has a slightly louder alarm tone.
  • The vibration alarm helps hearing-impaired users with daily timekeeping, or when you’re in a noisy setting and don’t want to miss a reminder.
  • When bedwetting is a problem, consistent bathroom use during the day can really help – so set the repeating countdown timer to alert every 2 hours to help train the bladder and establish healthy habits.
  • Still potty training? The repeating countdown timer will do the reminding for you – when it beeps, we’re going to the potty!
  • Stop watch feature – have fun timing your activities and competitions.
  • Waterproof WobL+ is great for your little fishes, and the silicone band is lightweight and comfortable!
  • WobL with hook-and-loop band is easy to size and put on – little fingers don’t have to navigate a buckle.
  • All bands are interchangeable between both watch models.

Pink WobL Watch