• EASY TO SET design
  • 10 ATM WATER RESISTANT — OK for Swimming (up to 300ft)
  • INDIVIDUAL ALARMS:  9 individual alarms
  • ALARM/ VIBRATE or both (alarm sound is softer compared to WobL original)
  • LOCKOUT feature secures set alarms
  • 6-MONTH WARRANTY from date of purchase
  • World’s Smallest Vibrating Watch – discrete vibration for reminders

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WobL+ Waterproof Watch!

Exciting features on the vibrating alarm reminder, countdown, & timer watch!

WobL+ Watch – the smallest vibrating alarm & countdown timer reminder watch in the world – and it’s waterproof.

Wobl+ Watch is the smallest vibrating waterproof alarm reminder watch in the world! The second generation WobL+ watch features include extended intervals for the repeating countdown timer (from 1 minute up to 24 hours), 9 individual alarms, easier setup, ability to easily erase/shut off the countdown timer, and it is waterproof! WobL+ has a discreet audible alarm feature, BUT it is very quiet and should not be considered a loud alarm for others to hear. The Wobl+ vibration alarm is great for discreet reminders.

WobL+ interchangeable bands are made of silicone for comfort and fit wrist sizes 4.50 inches to 8 inches. (The bands are also interchangeable with the original WobL hook-and-loop-close bands.)  WobL+ also allows for easier battery access to make changing it a breeze.

The WobL+ is the perfect choice for reminders for timed medications, bathroom breaks, important tasks, and more. It is also great to assist those with visual or hearing impairment, ADHD and ADD, diabetes, and more. WobL+ is a very popular choice for helping children, women, and those with small wrists to stay on task! (And the band is easily replaced with a longer one if you have a larger wrist.)

The WobL+ comes in four great color combinations: black & black, black & pink, purple & black and blue & clear.

  • 10 ATM Water Resistant — OK for Swimming; DO NOT PUSH BUTTONS WHILE SUBMERGED.
  • World’s Smallest Vibrating Watch
  • New Easy-to-Set Design
  • Audible Alarm, Vibration Alarm, or Both
  • 9 Individual Alarms
  • Repeating Countdown Alarm
  • Replaceable Silicone Band
  • 6-Month Warranty

Follow the detailed instructions in our video to set your watch and take advantage of all the features! Click the image below.

WobL+ Watch video with demonstration of setting functions.










Pro tip: If your watch starts alarming or vibrating non-stop and won’t unlock or turn off, you need a new battery.

Signs you need a fresh battery in your watch.


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