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WobL Watch is the smallest vibrating and alarm watch in the World. Designed to provide reminders to those with small or delicate wrists. The WobL is specially made for children, women, and young adults who need a quality watch that can vibrate or alarm at set intervals throughout the day.

WobL Uses:
• Deaf and hearing impaired
• Potty reminders
• Discreet reminders
• Meetings
• Timed medication reminder
• Daily routines


Lisa from NY:
"We purchased the WobL watch for our daughter and must say we are very satisfied. It is nice that is looks like a fun watch and vibrates so that there are no social dilemmas for children with their peers."

Anna from UT:
"The WobL watch is working well for my 7 year old son. I like that it vibrates since he wears it to school, so it can be discreet. I also like this watch because it was fairly inexpensive compared to others I looked at."

Nicole from IL:
"Thus far we love the WobL watch. We bought the watch for our 6 year old son. He has had a lot of success! Our son's WobL watch looks just like any other child's watch. It is sturdy and easy for him to put on in the morning. He loves being able to tell everyone what time it is and he has grown since using the watch. Cool as a cucumber he'll tell me, " I need to go to the bathroom, Mom." and off he goes! All because his watch discreetly reminds him. It's fabulous to see my big boy feeling so proud of himself."