WobL Watch Uses

Many of us have difficulty keeping track of time and remembering to monitor a clock or watch periodically. With WobL Watch, the vibrating alarm reminder watch, daily reminders can be pre-programmed and delivered subtly via the alarm, vibration, or both. The watch offers 8 alarms and a countdown timer to help with a variety of important tasks and other daily reminders. 

  • Educational Tool: The watch reminds one to carry out a task.
  • Timed Medications: The WobL alerts the user to take medications on schedule.
  • Activity & Exercise: The watch helps you perform certain activities for health.
  • Help for Diabetics: The WobL reminds diabetics to eat a healthy snack or to check blood pressure.
  • Help for Those with Disabilities: The watch helps with learning and daily functions. 
  • Potty Break Prompts: The WobL reminds you or your child to take a break and use the restroom.
  • Daily Reminders for Seniors: The watch helps those with memory loss or dementia.
  • Stay on Task: The WobL Watch helps one to be consistent and increase outcomes.

Smallest vibrating & alarm watch in the world!

The face of the WobL Watch measures 1.25.” The WobL Watch is designed to provide reminders to those with smaller or more delicate wrists, up to a 7″. The WobL is specially designed for children, women, and young adults who need a quality watch that can vibrate and/or alarm at set intervals (15 minutes to 24 hours) throughout the day with the countdown and repeat timer. The WobL Watch offers 8 different alarms, button lock-out feature, and longer battery life. The button lock-out feature prevents children or the elderly from stopping or resetting the timer/settings accidentally. The WobL Watch is great for helping the deaf, hearing, and visually impaired. The watch is ideal for potty reminders, discreet reminders to perform bodily functions, meetings, timed medications, ADHD/ADD, incontinence, and daily routines. The WobL Watch is available in 4 colors: black, blue, pink, and purple.

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