WobL Watch is the smallest reminder watch in the world! Featuring 8 independent alarms and unique countdown timer alarm, WobL is the best choice for daily reminders. Many folks have found great uses for WobL, from daily reminders of timed medications, meetings and bathroom breaks to assistance for those with diabetes and kidney disease, ADHD/ADD, deaf and hearing impaired. WobL is a popular choice for helping children to stay on task!

  • 8 individual alarms
  • Vibrate, alarm sound, or both
  • Countdown Timer for set intervals (15 minutes to 24 hours) throughout the day
  • Vibrate setting allows for discreet prompts
  • Stopwatch  for exact timing
  • Lock feature  prevents accidental changes
  • 3 ATM Water Resistant. Withstands accidental splashing. NOT WATERPROOF